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I’ve never had a cock up my ass and as a heterosexual male I am extremely grateful for that as the mere thought of it terrifies me, but I recon if you do have a cock up your ass and you’re wearing a gorgeous smile like that all at the same time, you’re pretty hardcore, just like this chick in pic.

I’ll probably never forget this one time in my mid twenties I picked up a girl at a pub who turned out to live up to her perceived reputation as a complete slut when we finally made it to her place sometime in the morning hours. Slutty chicks are the best fun when you’re single and having a party.

We were fucking like there’s no tomorrow, I was pretty fit in those days and she was in great shape. At one point I remember asking if I could fuck her in the ass and she was all for it. Turns out I was too drunk to navigate that and while I thought I was fucking her in the ass I was still in her pussy, she just never mentioned it.

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