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And suddenly visiting a live cam site is in many ways better than visiting a tube site. The fact that it is live and that you can actually chat to the performers completely anonymous and they will chat back to you beats a site with a bunch of recorded vids by a long way. Where cam sites had fallen short is that they never had the numbers not the amount of categories you could choose from like tubes sites do.

Beyond that it just matters if you want to watch a vid where you can skip to whatever point in the scene you like or if you like watching someone live.

Of late though, cam sites like FkdPanda.com have reached the numbers where there are in fact thousands of performers online at any time on any day and the hosts have used the volume to create the categories to match any tube site. Although there are some differences – which is to be expected, these are different things after all – you can now essentially go and pick whatever category floats your boat best.

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Although there are a certain amount of people out there that don’t like to take the advice I am certainly not one of them. When a good friend of mine decided to share these cam model tips I wasn’t about to be one of the few that didn’t bother taking a look at them.

While some of them are going to be painfully clear there are quite a few that I never even thought of. With so many different live cam shows online it really does take something special to stand out from the crowd. If you can manage to make that happen you will soon have more viewers than you ever thought possible.

Once you find something that is working for you make sure that you get the most out of it while you can. Things as you already know can change in an instant, as such you have to be willing to dive deep down and bring back up that special little something that gets you noticed when it counts the most!

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