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amabelIf you are looking to have sex with cheating lonely girls, one of the most common questions that probably crossed your mind is, “What do these types of women look like?” Unfortunately, this exactly the kind of situation you need to get out of your head. While it is perfectly understandable why you should think along these lines, this type of questioning and thinking only serves to undermine your chances of banging as many women as you can. If you think you are very capable of having sex with a larger number of women, you might want to start with the types of questions you ask when you think about certain groups of women or when you think about approaching women for sex.

Make no mistake about it, your dating chances are influenced more by your thinking patterns. You might not be aware of it.

The reason why is because you’re just sabotaging yourself. If you are thinking that cheating girls have to fit a certain profile or that they have to look a certain way, then you’re not doing yourself a big favor. In most cases, you’re essentially just painting yourself in a corner as far as your dating options are concerned.

Lonely girls take all shapes and forms. They can come in any size and they will come at any time. You have to understand that everybody in a relationship is faced with temptations and challenges. It happens to the best of us. In most cases, it only takes a few factors to snap into place to turn an otherwise super faithful girlfriend into a cheating whore. It happens to the best of us. So instead of looking for a certain stereotypical look or trying to detect if a woman is hyper-sexual, focus instead on finding yourself in the right situations. That’s how it works. Cheating is a situational crime.

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